Persuasive Essay

The basic aim of a persuasive essay is to persuade or convince the readers to the writer’s arguments and points. A successful persuasive essay is one that convinces the readers in such a way that they accept the arguments and claims presented in the essay. In short a good persuasive essay should change the reader’s thoughts about a particular argument and align them according to the writer’s perspective.

Topic Selection:

While selecting a topic for persuasive essay one should keep in mind the availability of disagreements or arguments. If there are no disagreements or arguments there is no need of persuading or convincing. Persuasion only takes place if the thoughts are diverging.

Understanding the goal and collecting facts:

Remember, you are trying to persuade or convince your opposition or people with different point of view. If you do not have a clear understanding of your motive you will find it quite difficult to persuade others.

Another point worth considering is the availability of facts. With the availability of facts and statistics, proving one’s statement or argument is quite an easy task. The facts and figures support an argument and may prove to be very powerful if they are extracted from credible sources.

Think from a reader’s perspective:

Thinking and writing from a reader’s perspective is also very important in persuasive essays. As the writer is trying to convince others it is very important to think about the arguments that might come in the reader’s mind. The writer must try to clear the confusions and present valid arguments so as to convince the readers and remove any ambiguity that may rise during the reading process.

The format:

The format of a persuasive essay is exactly the same as any other essay. It consists   of three portions: introduction, body and the conclusion. In the introduction the writer tries to create an image of the upcoming discussion. An introduction gives a brief description of what the persuasive essay is all about and what the writer is trying to prove or defend. In short the introduction portion introduces the argument of one’s essay.

Then comes the body portion. This portion consists of the writer’s claims and arguments together with the facts and statistics either in support or against an argument or a claim. The body portion is a decisive part of any persuasive essay. It should be able to catch attention of the readers and validate or invalidate the arguments presented by the writer. The body portion may span several paragraphs so it is very important to maintain the flow from one paragraph to another. Readers should not feel an abrupt start to a particular paragraph. Typically, each paragraph addresses a single aspect of an argument and tries to bring a reader closer to acceptance.  After the body comes the concluding portion of the essay. This portion shows where the discussion has concluded. Remember an insightful conclusion leads to an effective persuasive essay.

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